Top Blackjack Myths

There are a lot of common misconceptions when it comes to blackjack, just like other forms of gambling. However, if you are looking to be a professional blackjack player, there is no room for doubt and superstition. The best way to make a buck is to trust strategy and don’t take any chances on myths that you may have heard thrown around the casino.

Card Counting is Legal

If only we had a pound for every time that we hear new blackjack players asking whether card counting is actually legal. We are here to bust that myth. Although it is very frowned upon in casino etiquette and lots of celebrity card counters like Ben Affleck have been banned from casinos for doing so, under both UK and federal law in the USA, card counting is actually legal. This is provided that the individual does not own or use an external device for card counting. However, our advice would be that you should keep your card counting to yourself as some casinos can have a problem with it (I mean, understandably). Head to our guide to find out how to count cards in blackjack!

Always Avoid A Hot Streak

There are no hot or cold streaks when you play a game of luck. The dealers simply play to the house rules and if they happen to have a hot streak, this is purely down to the luck of the draw. You still have the same amount of luck when you play a game of blackjack with any dealer. So, stop picking your table based on your dealer and stick to the strategy of blackjack to aim to reduce the edge that the house has over you.

Imitate the Dealer

Some people actually think that a valid strategy to win is to copy the dealer and basically hope for the best. It is based on the idea that the dealer is more likely to win the hand, and therefore you should copy them in order to regain the edge. However, when the player uses this approach, they forget that the dealer must hit until they reach a total of 17 or more. However, the dealer still has a slight edge over the player when they use this method as the dealer actually goes second. Therefore, if the player goes bust, the dealer will win. In addition to this, a dealer cannot split or double, so if you copy them exactly, you may actually miss a good opportunity to win.

Luck Depends On Other Players

We cannot stress this enough – blackjack, at the end of the day, is a game of luck and chance. It has nothing to do with the other people at the table or the underpants that you seem to think are lucky (they’re just nasty). Therefore, when looking for a table to play blackjack on, you need not worry about finding the ones with ‘good’ or ‘bad’ players! We can guarantee that they will have no effect on your game. So, go and make friends!

You Will Definitely Win That Next Hand

(Or Will You?)

Normally, this can be a sign of problem gambling and if you are experiencing thoughts that you need to keep gambling in order to receive that payout, then we would advise you to read our responsible gambling section for more information about who to contact if you are experiencing a problem with gambling. As we have mentioned, gambling is completely random and is a game based on chance. Your wins and losses are not based on any consecutive streak. 

You Must Be A Math Whiz

This is such a popular misconception about blackjack and we are here to bust it! Of course, blackjack is based primarily around numbers and the ability to count to 21 is required but, apart from that, you don’t really need to be good with numbers whatsoever. All you have to do, to be good at blackjack, is practice. You heard it here first! Learn the strategy from our guide here and simply practice whenever you have the time, be it at home with friends or at the casino. Follow these wise words of advice and you shall be a blackjack pro in no time.

You Have To Get To 21

The actual objective of blackjack seems to be a mystery to some people who believe that it is to get as close to 21 as possible. We can guarantee that if you sit down at that table with no strategy and this objective at the back of your head, you will go bust. The general idea of blackjack is, indeed, to get a hand close to 21. However, the actual objective of the game is actually to beat the dealer and get a hand closer to 21 than them without going bust. Focus on this and it will give you a clearer aim in terms of what you are trying to achieve.

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