10 Las Vegas Casino Secrets

Are you secretly a gambling beginner and want to experience the bright lights and spinning reels of Las Vegas? Here at Top 10 Slot Games, we can give you the Las Vegas tips and tricks that will help you look like a big shot in both the casinos and the bars.

The Hottest Casino In Town

Everyone wants to party with the rich and famous. At the most glamorous casino in town, you actually can. The Cosmopolitan has actually had a re-vamp recently so that they are literally sparkling with pizzazz. Not only has it got the most fabulous surroundings but if you are gambling in the Cosmopolitan on a Monday, Friday or Saturday night, then you can also go to the hottest club on the Vegas strip – Marquee.

Free Drinks in Las Vegas

Don’t fancy paying the ridiculous Las Vegas prices when you visit? You don’t have to. If you simply go to the Wynn, they will serve you free drinks as part of their policy that says that they will serve free drinks to anyone who is gambling at their casino. Therefore, if you simply pick a penny slot, you can sit and be served cocktails until you pass out. The only things to remember with this tip is that you have to tip the waiter/waitress for the drink. It’s just good manners. It’s also not advisable to get plastered before you start gambling as you may end up just blowing the money that you saved on the drinks!

Find Other Tourists visiting Las Vegas Casinos

What’s better than playing against some other gambling novices in an unfamiliar city, just like you? Playing against drunk gambling novices. When you go to Vegas, make sure that you stay from the regulars who are greeted by name. The second that you hear someone’s name mentioned at a table, scramble. These are the big fish who will eat beginners for breakfast. Instead, you might want to think about targeting the other tourists spilling out of the clubs at all hours of the morning. These will not only want to play but will also be easily beaten. Thus, they become your new best friends! 

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Did you know that there is a boutique in every casino in Las Vegas, some of which actually have reasonable prices! The reason behind this is because they act as a way of encouraging recent winners to then spend their winnings again. That being said, you can actually get a great deal in these malls if you know where to look – Caesars’ Forum Shops is a good place to look.

Stay Away From The Casino Strip

Local gamblers in the Vegas area tend to stay away from the strip – too many tourists. Instead, they play cards at casinos nearer to them. Casinos on Fremont Street do not offer the most glamorous of experiences, but they do offer the least expensive tables in town if you’re not looking to go completely bankrupt. And whilst you’re there, you may as well try out the local shops and bars.

Try Sports Betting in Las Vegas

Although America is missing the unmissable culture of strolling down to the local, purchasing a cold, refreshing beverage and placing a bet on the footie or whatever sport happens to have good odds that day, they still like to place a bet on sport here and there. In Las Vegas, sports betting is legal and there isn’t an amazing choice of places to place your wagers but you can’t match the excitement.

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