The 5 Biggest Blackjack Wins in Casino History

Of course, we all love blackjack. Or else, why would we be here reading this? But what we love more is winning at blackjack. However, not everyone is always that lucky. We want to learn how to maximize our luck at blackjack by learning how to count cards. These are the people that must’ve gotten up on the right side of the bed on the days that they played blackjack. You’ll agree when you see how big they won.

Gambling In Glasgow

We would love to see a four-leafed clover when we are on our way to play blackjack.  But, this gambler in Glasgow didn’t seem to need one. £74,000 is a lot of money to win on a blackjack game but one man in Glasgow managed to attain this in his local casino.

Normally, a natural blackjack will only give you a payout of 3/2 but this local casino offered this man a progressive jackpot form of playing blackjack and he managed to convert his initial wager into £74,000 whilst playing Ace King Suited Blackjack. This is a game where a progressive jackpot is won when the player is dealt a natural blackjack. A natural blackjack occurs if the individual receives both a suited ace and king.

The Blackjack World Series

However, that is not the most impressive win. You have to read on for that. The next win we found was $100,000 in a game of televised game of the World Series Of Blackjack. This was shown by the Game Show Network and it showed some celebrities and legends within the industry going up against each other. Card counter, Mike Aponte from the MIT Blackjack Team (which we will talk more about in this article) would go onto win the $100,000 (extremely) grand prize, just pipping Dave Stann to the post.

The Ultimate Blackjack Tour

The Ultimate Blackjack Tour came about as a result of the success of the World Series, as people began to show more interest in the game. This blackjack tournament, however, was based on a system of elimination. The players with the lowest stacks after certain amounts of hands were evicted from the game. This left the blackjack players who had compiled the higher stacks of money to play for the title. This turned out to be an extremely popular way of running the tournament and many famous poker names actually transitioned over to play poker this way.

Live!’s $1 Million Tournament

Taking place in Maryland, USA, the Live! Casino announced that they would hold a tournament where local players could come and play to earn their place amongst the best at the 2018 Championship Tournament. Eventually, when 24 final champions emerged from 300, they started the battle for the top prize, which was a healthy sum of $500,000.

 One Team To Rule Them All

Many of us can only dream of winning as much money as the MIT Blackjack Team. However, not only were they a team of multiple people working together to attain their wins but they were also a team made up of extremely talented blackjack players who specialised in maths. Over a couple of years, they used their skills in card counting to win an estimated $100 million playing blackjack. Their genius was eventually translated into the world of film in the movie 21.

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